First Mid-Canada NMR Symposium and the 28th Annual Mid-Canada AOAC Day  

First Mid-Canada NMR Symposium and the 28th Annual Mid-Canada AOAC Day

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

NMR Workshop, presented by Bruker Canada

Nicole Kruse (Bruker) What can NMR do for the chemist? Introduction to experiments beyond 1D proton and carbon spectra

Topics will include

– 2D experiments commonly used for structure verification
– Examination of NMR active nuclei for inorganic chemist
– Introduction to Magic Angle Spinning (HR-MAS and MAS) methods
– Triple resonance bio-molecular NMR

Keynote Speaker

Sonya Havens (IISD Experimental Lakes) The Experimental Lakes Area: Whole ecosystem aquatic research since 1968

Invited Speakers

– Richard Shoemaker (Bruker) What’s New with Bruker in 2017 ?

– Scott Kroeker (University of Manitoba) Expanding the NMR palette: multinuclear magnetic resonance of glasses, coordination polymers and paramagnetic solids

– Melanie Martin (University of Winnipeg) Measuring the Microscopic Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Who should attend

Scientists, Industry, NMR managers & NMR Facility Technologists, Post-doctoral Fellows and Graduate Students

Registration fee: $30 (including lunch), free registration for students

To register:

QANUC Grand Reopening and EPR Symposium and Workshop

McGill University, Montreal, July 21, 2017

To celebrate the re-opening of QANUC (Quebec / Eastern Canada High-Field NMR Facility) with the installation of the new 800 MHz NMR instrument and the addition of EPR to the McGill Chemistry Magnetic Resonance Facility, we are holding a symposium on Friday July 21st.

In the morning, NMR talks will start off with an opening lecture by Prof. Christian Griesinger (MPI Gottingen) and include talks from local users Kathy Borden, Nick Doucet, Pascale Legault and the QANUC Director, Anthony Mittermaier. In parallel, an EPR workshop run by Bruker will take place in the EPR lab.

Lunch and lab tours will be followed by EPR talks featuring John McCracken (Michigan State University), Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zurich), Sushil Misra (Concordia), and Scott Bohle (McGill). The theme is “What EPR Can Do For You” and anyone interested in EPR is welcome!  Also in the afternoon, Tara Sprules will lead a workshop on multi-dimensional data processing using NMRPipe (geared towards grad students/postdocs that are actively working on an NMR project).

Visit the website for more information and to sign up (required). Contact Robin Stein for information about the EPR workshop and talks and Tara Sprules for information about the NMR workshop and talks, and please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Robin Stein and Tara Sprules