All Faculty, Staff, Students and external writing a case study report users are required to receive training prior to using NMR. Training are offered three times during the academic year in September, January and May. Complete the request for training form below. Read it carefully, and submit your  request form . Please, read “NMR 101”  under “All About NMR menu” prior to training section.


    NMR User Application & Agreement


Personal Information


Acceptable Uses

  • All eligible individuals who wish to use the NMR facility resources are required to read and accept this agreement and are expected to follow the guidelines for acceptable NMR use described below. 1. Only authorized person can operate the NMR system. An authorized user is a person whom has received training from the NMR manager. 2. The use of the NMR facilities is granted to the undersigned only. The undersigned shall not allow another person to use his or her username and password. 3. No third part software can be installed or used on the computer system. 4. No hardware installation is allowed on the NMR system.